A character with a desire to work for a company that aligns with his values. He has been in multiple positions that presented him with character building opportunities that has shaped his way of life. Integrity and challenging situations are no stranger to this individual. He values his eulogy resume more than his career resume because if those around him do not succeed, he does not believe he has made an impact in the world.

I created this site in an attempt to highlight my soft skills. My hard skills attempt can be found on my Linkedin.

Please note, I’m not perfect, I just try to do my best each day that passes. Mistakes have and will continue to be made, but I hope to learn from each and every single one of them.

A contact form is below if you have any questions.

Employment Status: Employed with Carvana
Number of Current Projects: 2
Currently Reading: Linkedin UX Designer Learning Path
Special Thanks: I’d like to thank my family and friends for helping me get to where I am today. Tyler, David, and Tony for listening to my venting, Wesley Hoffman, Corey Smale, and Jason Bockman for their words of wisdom after college. My siblings and my partner, Stephanie, for making a place that I call home.



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