Influential Experiences

Walt Disney World – 2018

Visited Walt Disney World for the first time and through my adult eyes. I admired every little bit of the experience. Walt Disney had a vision that no one else could see. There is a story in each and every part of the parks. Its made an impression on my life to imprint a story in my work. Whatever that may be.

Wuxiaworld – 2014 to Ongoing

A website dedicated to translating chinese fantasy novels into english. I have read several stories based and influenced from an eastern culture with such rich creativity that it has impacted the way I see the world in both my imagination and attitude.

Dungeons and Dragons – 2015 to Ongoing

A table role-playing game that has taught me how to communicate and negotiate under stress as well as actively keeping my imagination alive.

Treehouse Networkshop – 2013 to Ongoing

A networking and coaching organization that has assisted me in meeting new people, building my networking skills, and keeping a positive attitude in life.

Webster University Humans Vs Zombies Club – 2011 to 2012

An extracurricular club that organized an event for Webster University Students to socialize and reduce stress. Here, I learned more about my behavior as a leader and how I managed others. I contributed to this club by documenting everything the club did so that future members can learn from it.

Sierra Student Coalition Summer Program Midwest 2011

A Sierra Club leadership program that taught participants how to organize a protest and speak with leaders on issue pertaining to the Sierra Club. Here, I learned how to run meetings and improve on meetings in a time efficient manner.

Affton High School Drama Club 2006 to 2010

A high school drama club that shouldn’t have any relevance in a resume, but this club taught me how to improvise and speak publicly. The four years I spent in this club taught me skills that I still use to this day – voice projection, steady speech, public speaking, and active listening.

The National Conference for Community and Justice Anytown Program – 2006

A diversity leadership program that first formed my identity as a person of color by breaking down the differences in the participants in the program. Here, I first learned that my life was not normal in the United States.